Daily Prompt – Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

Since I was a little kid, I have always been a night owl. I always wanted to be able to stay up late, and even then, just the notion of staying up until midnight seemed like such a cool achievement.

…nowadays, i’m lucky if I’m in bed before midnight! When it’s the weekend, or I’m on holidays, I’ll easily stay up until 3 or 4am doing…whatever. Playing around on iTunes checking out new music, or writing (catch up) blog posts, or even just sitting up playing video games.

The last couple of weekends I’ve been up until about 4am with friends who have come back to our place after a night out clubbing for nachos and ice cream before going to bed and then sleeping until Midday.

I will admit though, I have gone through phases where I’ve been the early bird who’s up at 5 or 5:30am and at the gym for a 6am class,… but that usually only lasts a couple of mornings before I find myself collapsing on the bed on a Friday afternoon after work and then sleeping for about 15 hours.

When it comes to work, I find that I’m the most productive when I’m the only person in the office. Seeing as how almost everybody works a strict 9-5, sometimes I’ll be there at 7:30am if I have to get some stuff done, or I’ll be there until 7:30pm absolutely powering through all my work, and making sure that everything gets finished before I head off. I just find that I can smash through all my jobs in a couple of hours, rather than it taking me an entire day, because when I’m there by myself I’m not being constantly interrupted every couple of minutes.