Dec 26: Christmas Expectations

Did Christmas fulfill your expectations this year?

Yes and no.

Yes, because I actually got a really great gift from my partner, and yes because I knew that I’d end up spending a few days eating myself into oblivion. Seriously, I don’t want to look at another piece of ham anytime soon.

Yes, because I spend the same few days with my partner’s family, which is always lovely (and a little bit tiring) but I always enjoy being around them. I think because I don’t have an opportunity to be with my family, and they’ve been so welcoming, I consider them my family… or that I’m part of their family… or something along those lines…

No, because I didn’t get to spend it with my mum. Although I knew it wasn’t happening, I actually had a brief moment where I thought that Hulk had secretly planned to fly my mum down for a couple of days, but when he gave me my present, I realised that thinking that was just me being foolish. I secretly wished that everything mum and my cousin had told me was all a big lie, and Hulk had already told them to tell me that, so then I wouldn’t be spontaneous and just hop on a plane on a whim.

Instead, Hulk and I are off to a Day Spa in the country for a weekend for a little pampering and feeling fabulous.