Dec 13 – False Knowledge

George Bernard Shaw said, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Do you agree or disagree?

But everything I read on the internet is true, right? Because, internet!

And this is the problem. There is information everywhere. Too much information. Or, is it great to have heaps of information readily available, it’s just not so great in the hands of stupid people!?

There’s countless media outlets that publish, well, whatever they want really, regardless of whether it’s actually factual or not. But what makes it worse, is that since the internet has become pretty much, everything to so many people, generally speaking, people will be gullible enough to believe anything that they read on the internet.

If it’s online, it MUST be true!

But what fuels this, are the people who create viral hoaxes. For example, take the so called articles that were circulating on peoples newsfeeds on FB about the Assam Rape Festival in India. I for one, dismissed it because it sounded too ridiculous to be true, and if it was real, the rest of the world would have heard about it now and somebody like the UN would have intervened.

Turns out the whole thing was a giant hoax.

This is happening a lot.

But even with hoax articles aside (how many times has Jeff Goldblum supposedly die last year??)

And let’s not forget the bane of all of this… WebMDAnybody who has ever had a bit more than a cough, or a strange lump, or a pain in their guts usually will hit up WebMD or Google and type in their symptoms. Suddenly, they’ve got cancer. Nose won’t stop running whilst you’re out in the flower garden? Cancer. Strange lump on your arm that looks like a spider bite? Cancer. A pain in your guts from eating far too much dairy products? No, it’s not a lactose intolerance, it’s bowel cancer, obviously!!