Daily Prompt – Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

I was just about to say that I can’t think of anybody who fits this criteria, but then it hit me… I do have somebody like this…

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Daily Prompt – Happy Radars

Are you a good judge of other people’s happiness? Tell us about a time you were spot on despite external hints to the contrary (or, alternatively, about a time you were dead wrong).

I generally tend to be a pretty good judge of character, unless of course that person is a complete pathological liar.

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Daily Prompt – Why, Thank You?

What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?

Ahh, backhanded compliments… The staple of communications between downright bitches… Especially bitchy gays. I’m allowed to say that, I’m one of them.

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Daily Prompt – I Can’t Stay Mad at You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Correction… I can and WILL stay mad at you for as long as I feel like it…

Give me a reason to hold a grudge… any reason… any reason at all… regardless of how minor it may be, and it’s like setting something into concrete – I’ll hold onto that grudge for as long as I need to.

Hi, I’m a Scorpio, and I’m the wrong person you want to be pissing off. Ever. For me, holding grudges is something that just happens . Naturally. Like learning to walk, or brushing your teeth at night. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always held grudges against people, even when I was a kid. I was always of the mindset that if you’re going to piss me off or upset me, then I want nothing to do with you.

…and that was just primary school!

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Mar 19: Your Own Best Friend

Would you say that you are your own best friend?


Well, there’s Hulk, but sometimes he doesn’t even count. I have moments where I will want to tell him something, or share something with him from my day, and he just tunes out. Even if he doesn’t actually verbally say anything, his actions tell me that he really doesn’t give a shit, and probably just wants me to shut the fuck up.

Unfortunately, years of this behaviour has lead me to not really share much with him. Take this blog for example. I wanted nothing more than to a) tell him that I was actually undertaking this project; and b) hoping that he might show the most minute shred of remote interest, pat me on the back, say ‘good for you, baby’ and send me on my merry way.

Instead, when I went to tell him about it, I got instantly shut down and told that he doesn’t want to hear about it. He wants to know nothing about it. He thinks it’s a stupid idea, and thinks that I certainly shouldn’t be writing it.

After initially feeling completely floored by this overreaction… I took anmoment to try and explain to him in more detail, and make a point of emphasising the fact that he was CLEARLY confused, and was thinking of my other blog, but he wouldn’t hear it. He had already decided that he didn’t want to even give me a chance to say what I had to say. He’d made up his mind that he wanted to know NOTHING, and because I’d told him this during our romantic dinner.. it made the rest of the meal quite uncomfortable and awkward… and silent.

…so romantic.

So here I am 240+ posts later, and he still refuses to even let me have a moment to talk to him about it. The hands go up and I get “I told you, I don’t want to know about it”. It’s quite disappointing and disheartening.

Oh well.

Because of moments like this, I do become my own best friend. I do things for me. Things that are just for me, because I know he wont want to be involved, or it doesn’t interest him. It can sometimes be really hard having a partner who can sometimes be such a complete polar opposite to me… but then I think that perhaps those moments are what make us work so well…? Variety is a good thing in a relationship, right??

Mar 17: Trust

Who do you trust more: yourself or others?


I ONLY trust myself. History has ALWAYS reminded me that the only person I can rely on is myself. Other people will inevitably let you down, moreso when you really need them and their support / assistance etc.

I don’t really trust most people, and in order for me to trust somebody, I need to know that whatever I’m doing, or telling them, will remain strictly between us and that they won’t go and talk about it to other people behind my back.

That is one of the worst things that I have experienced in my life – people betraying my trust, or me experiencing them betray somebody else’s trust. Unfortunately there are people in this world who seem to be hell-bent on bringing others down in some attempt to make themselves appear to be a better person. The only thing worse than that, are the people that support and encourage them to do so.

I cannot stand people who are two faced.

There was recently a conversation that I had with a friend of mine. This person I had always thought was quite trusting, however, after realising that this person was quite close and open with somebody that I dislike, I realised that it wouldn’t take much for this ‘friend’ of mine to tell this person whatever I’d said.

That was the point when I realised that they might be of the mindset keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The more I thought into it, the more I realised that almost every conversation we had, this other person was brought up in some way, almost as a test in order to see what I would have to say about them, so they could then later on run back and relay everything I said, whilst also probably twisting it to make it sound worse… which is what this person happens to do.

So we were having a conversation, and out of the blue, this person blurts out something that somebody else had said about two other people we all know. Now, this was quite personal and sensitive information that really should strictly remain as a private matter between the two of them. This information is not anybody elses business, but this particular person found out about it, and then went around their social circle telling everybody about it… ‘So, you’ll never guess what I heard about — and –!! If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anybody else…!!’

The problem was, that although this person was spreading this gossip as a means for them to somehow seem to be ‘cooler’, they were asking everybody else keep it secret, but at the same time, telling anybody (and everybody) who’d listen.

By the time I’d found out from my friend, I’d already heard about it from a couple of different people, and simply brushed it off because IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS!! IT DOESN’T CONCERN ME!! So when I found out that this ‘friend’ was quite happily telling other people, I simply reiterated that I a) don’t buy into third / fourth / fifth hand gossip; b) it’s got nothing to do with me, so I don’t want to know and c) how would they feel if somebody was talking about them in this sense behind their back and airing their dirty laundry?? They wouldn’t like it, so why are they partaking in the exact same activity.

This came almost as a revelation, and made them stop and actually think about what they were saying. At that precise moment, I lost my trust for them, and made a promise to myself (and Hulk) that I would never reveal anything personal to them that would bother me if other people found out.

This is why I’m so good at keeping other people’s secrets, and why I’m so closed off from other people. It’s also why my hair’s so big… it’s full of secrets!! *LOL*


Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

The very first person I encountered today (well, technically it’s yesterday because I’m writing this today which is technically tomorrow)…. was a girl at the gym.

I would certainly call her a friend – we see each other a couple of times a week and always end up talking for ages.

I actually met her at the gym last year, and we seemed to get along quite well from the beginning. She has a very similar sense of humour to me, so it was no surprise that we got along so well so soon.

She’s one of those people I’d like to hang out with more in a social sense, rather than just seeing each other when we do at the gym. I would much prefer to hang out and get to know people from the gym in a social setting, and actually get to know them, rather than just talking about gym stuff all the time.

The problem is, that having the time to actually socialise is a challenge in itself.

Whenever I see her at the gym, her face lights up and wants me to just stay and talk to her for the rest of the night.. even after class when I’ve gotta go home and have dinner, she’s usually pleading with me to stay and hang out with her to keep her company. It’s sweet, and sometimes I wish I could.