16 July – A Decade of Influence

Tell us 10 people you would declare the 10 most important people in the world so far this decade.


Barack Obama – President of the USA


Well, this guy is perhaps one of the most influential people ever. First black President and let’s face, the guy just oozes swagger. honourable mention to Michelle Obama – she’s quite a style icon as well.


Kim Jong Un – Trigger Happy Supreme Leader of North Korea

 So, Lil’ Kim here has major daddy issues and major image issues. Having to fill the shoes of his father, Kim Jong Il, this guy has quite an itchy (nuclear) trigger figure. Ready to hit the button if anybody dare look at him sideways, he’s prepared to declare war on the US over a James Franco / Seth Rogen movie. Clearly this guy never saw Team America. Maybe he should watch it with his best girlfriend, Dennis Rodman.

Vladimir Putin – Homophobic President of Russia

…and perhaps one of the biggest homophobes in the world. It’s also alleged he recently aided the separatists who shot down Malaysian Air flight MH17 (which in itself is believed to be the missing flight MH370).

Beyoncé – unofficial Queen of the fucking World

…because, Beyoncé. Enough said. If this fierce bitch ever became President of the USA, she really would run the fucking world. The first black, female President. Amazing!!

Steve jobs – Ex-CEO, Apple

 Perhaps the one person who single handedly brought Apple back into the spotlight and completely revolutionised the communications and device industry. He was truly an amazing individual, and his legacy will live on

Jony Ive – Senior Vice President, Design, Apple

 Sir Jonathan Paul ‘Jony’ Ive is the man responsible for the iconic Apple product design. Most people take his work for granted, where as others totally lose their shit as soon as he says the words ‘beveled edges’. Both he and Jobs were the dynamic duo of the tech industry. It didn’t matter what they did, the world listened… And purchased.

Mark Zuckerberg – CEO, Facebook

 So, Facebook has become one of the ultimate social media platforms (see also Twitter, Instagram) which completely revolutionised the way in which people interact with each other… And shared their selfies and photos of what they’re eating. JUST STOP FUCKING SENDING ME REQUESTS TO PLAY CANDY CRUSH!!!

Larry Page – CEO, Google

 Well, let’s be honest, I had no idea who this guy was, and had to Google him to find out. But ultimately, this is the guy in charge for one of the biggest online companies EVER!! It’s become a common verb in today’s vernacular, and is the default search provider, constantly getting more powerful and intuitive. But they are so much more than their search engine, venturing into multiple online facets as well as technology such as Google Glass, netbooks, phones and ChromeCast.


 Well… Because… Oprah.

Hilary Clinton

Oh Hil… she’s been through ups and downs and still manages to pull it together with style and grace. Despite not even being a US citizen, I secretly always wanted to see Hillary end up as President of the United States, because she’d fucking get shit done!



Honorable mention goes to Rupaul. Slowly creating a name for not just herself, but for the ‘drag’ community as a whole, her show Rupaul’s Drag Race has finished its sixth season and is getting bigger and bolder with each season. This bitch is fierce and I fucking love her, and her show to death. YAAASSSS HONEY….. WEEERRRRRRRRRRKKKK!!!

Dec 13 – False Knowledge

George Bernard Shaw said, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Do you agree or disagree?

But everything I read on the internet is true, right? Because, internet!

And this is the problem. There is information everywhere. Too much information. Or, is it great to have heaps of information readily available, it’s just not so great in the hands of stupid people!?

There’s countless media outlets that publish, well, whatever they want really, regardless of whether it’s actually factual or not. But what makes it worse, is that since the internet has become pretty much, everything to so many people, generally speaking, people will be gullible enough to believe anything that they read on the internet.

If it’s online, it MUST be true!

But what fuels this, are the people who create viral hoaxes. For example, take the so called articles that were circulating on peoples newsfeeds on FB about the Assam Rape Festival in India. I for one, dismissed it because it sounded too ridiculous to be true, and if it was real, the rest of the world would have heard about it now and somebody like the UN would have intervened.

Turns out the whole thing was a giant hoax.

This is happening a lot.

But even with hoax articles aside (how many times has Jeff Goldblum supposedly die last year??)


And let’s not forget the bane of all of this… WebMDAnybody who has ever had a bit more than a cough, or a strange lump, or a pain in their guts usually will hit up WebMD or Google and type in their symptoms. Suddenly, they’ve got cancer. Nose won’t stop running whilst you’re out in the flower garden? Cancer. Strange lump on your arm that looks like a spider bite? Cancer. A pain in your guts from eating far too much dairy products? No, it’s not a lactose intolerance, it’s bowel cancer, obviously!!

Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 

The last thing I Googled was the Electric Run in Melbourne which is happening in April 2014.

I first heard about it a couple of months ago when I saw a random video at the bottom of an article I was reading in my Feedly (which I really need to stop neglecting). I followed the link to the website, and literally sat there for a couple of minutes with my jaw on the ground wanting to know a) what the hell I was looking at and, b) TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!

Turns out it’s called Electric Run – it’s not a timed event, it’s an experience. Different ‘worlds’ along the course, with live music, and the photos keep showing all these people looking like they’re having an incredible time with glowsticks galore and neon EVERYTHING, oh, and some awesome live DJ’s!!. I still wasn’t entire sure what it was, hell, I DON’T EVEN RUN, but I wanted to do this. 

Sitting there watching some clips of previous Electric Run events, in my head I’m screaming “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!”, but rego’s weren’t open for another 6-7 weeks. Today, rego’s opened and I was there right on 9am at my computer with my credit card waiting to register. In hindsight, I should have created a Team, because now a bunch of friends want to join and we could have been one giant team instead 😦 Oh well. It’ll still be amazing, regardless.

And, a perfect excuse to work out some ridiculous costume 😀