Daily Prompt – Back To Life

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?

There are small things that I love doing like having a cup of tea and putting on my pj’s but the ultimate is having a nice hot shower! Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep

Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation you weren’t supposed to? Tell us about a time when it was impossible not to overhear a conversation between people who didn’t know you were there. What was the conversation about? How did it make you feel?

Catching public transport, you always hear conversations that you really wish you could unhear. For me, they’re always the ones that are just full of waaaay too much information, and all you wanna do is start gagging… or perhaps just throw up on them from divulging such graphic and disgusting information in such a loud voice, in such a confined space. Sometimes I actually think that people do it on purpose, just to point out something that they’ve done. It’s kinda like bragging, but you’re actually bragging to an entire train carriage full of people.

I’ve kinda already touched on this subject before, and although it is only one of countless conversations like this I’ve heard, it’s one that I actually managed to document, because it was so traumatising hehehe.

That conversation in particular made me feel quite uneasy. I just wanted a shower to wash away the filth. It was gross.

This is why now I always have my earphones in and the music playing so I can continue to avoid these situations, and prevent being subjected to the trash on transport.


25 Dec – Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating today. Tell us about your favourite holiday tradition.

I don’t really *do* Christmas. I’m not really a fan of it, but most of the time it’s just done out of obligation. But for all the bitching and moaning about it, it always manages to turn out to not be the worst experience of my life.

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Daily Prompt: Style Icon

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

I really don’t know how to answer this, because I’m not really certain of what my style actually is…

Clothing style: Comfort. I like things to be comfortable and relaxed. I’m not a suit & tie person, I never have. I’ve had to for work, but even then, I’ve certainly not enjoyed it. Sometimes I wish I was, but I simply don’t have the wardrobe space for a plethora of suits and shirts ties. Hell, I don’t even own an iron!

It’s also partly because I work in the fitness industry, so majority of my wardrobe is all gym gear.

Communication Style: Sarcasm.

Most of the time, anything that comes out of my mouth is sarcasm. Sarcasm and humour. I have a tendency to shoot my mouth off and then think about what I’ve said and it’s usually with a touch of remorse and guilt, but most of the time I don’t apologise. Now, I have to make sure that I really think about what I’m going to say before I say it, because I usually just say things as throwaway comments without actually meaning anything by it, however, the people that I say these things too take them seriously and literally and are easily offended or upset by it. And that just annoys me. They should know by now that I’m like this, and to basically just take anything I say with a grain of salt.

Hair Style: A hot mess.

Previously, I had what I referred to as my lesbian hair, which was partially shaved with a little mohawk on top…

…but just not that long, and it didn’t trail down the back of the head – it was just on top. But now it’s growing out and going all curly again. I can’t stand my hair. I had a dream last night that I ended up growing my hair right out and had a small curly afro, and I actually liked it. Clearly, it was more of a nightmare, rather than a dream.

Eating Style: Get in mah belleh.

There is nothing attractive at all about watching me eat. If anything, I see food as some kind of competition – how much food can I stuff into my body, in as little time as possible, before I end up feeling like I either want to vomit or die.

Usually when it comes to dinner with Hulk, he always finishes dinner before me. I end up eating really slowly because I’m too focused on whatever show we’re watching and I take my time… but when it comes to desserts, I inhale mine. Especially when it comes to ice-cream. I can be down to the stick of a Magnum before he’s even eaten off all the chocolate of his.

It’s a bit disgusting.



Jan 7: No Peer Pressure

Tell us about a time when you didn’t bend to peer pressure, and you swam against the stream.

Ahhh, another one for high school.

I remember being at a friends place for a video night or something and I remember this one night we were all sitting around talking and my friends were drinking and I wasn’t which was fine, but then as the night got later, one person decided to bring out a small bag of pot, rolled themselves a joint and started to smoke it.

Now, back then we were generally pretty cool and open mined about stuff, but I think for a few of us, this was the first time any of us had been somewhere where drugs were present. I was one of those people that was so anti-drugs, I didn’t want to be around it, nor did I want to be around anybody who was doing drugs. It was a line that I simply wasn’t prepared to cross.

The parents of the person having the party were away for a couple of nights, and trusted their child and their child’s friends to be responsible enough to look after ourselves when we were 14 / 15 years old, and generally, we were. The person who brought the drugs was not part of our circle.

I remember when they started rolling the joint, the conversations all went quiet and there was a few quiet gasps and private whispers behind hands. Was this happening? Was this person really rolling themselves a joint?? I was a bit shocked because I had never been around drugs, and I instantly felt uncomfortable and had a sudden urge to go inside and hang out instead.

I was quite happily laying on a beanbag under no blanket in the loungeroom and watching a movie with a couple of others when everybody was called outside to try a bit of pot. There was a slight reservation about trying something like this, but when they were told that everybody else was going to be doing, or already were doing it, they were suddenly fine with it and any hesitations they had suddenly went right out the window.

I, on the other hand, remained solid in my views. Just because everybody else was doing it, didn’t mean I was suddenly compromise what I felt just to please the others. They hounded me and hounded me, even going as far as coming inside, kneeling around me in a circle and simultaneously all blowing smoke in my face, thinking that it was funny. That was the end of the night for me.

I grabbed my bag, and put on my runners and my coat, and even though was still in my pj’s, said goodbye and walked out the door. As soon as I announced that I was leaving, the room went quiet, and one of my friends tried to reason with me, and apologies and talk me out of going, but I’d had enough. I felt bullied and pressured to do something I really didn’t want to, and I wasn’t going to stand for it. I remember as soon as I closed the door, I stood on the front porch and then heard this eruption of laughter.

That really hurt.

I tried not to cry as I walked out the gate, around the corner and down the road to start my journey home, when I heard one of my friends calling out to me behind me. Then, one by one, a few more people came running after me. They tried apologising, but by this stage I’d just had enough. I couldn’t go back to the party now, I’d just had a big diva fit and stormed out… I can’t go back on that. They apologised and I apologised and I continued home and crawled into bed and then slept for most of the next day.

I think I woke up about 1-2pm or something ridiculous like that, and I had at least twenty missed calls on my phone and even more text messages from everybody, but as I propped myself up in bed to read them, there was this overwhelming stench that began to fill my nostrils… It was the smell of the smoke from the pot. It’s all I could smell. It was on my skin, on my clothes, and now my bedding reeked of it. Ugh. So gross.