31 July – 10 Events

Tell us about 10 important personal events from your life from the last 10 years.

10 events from 21 – 31…

1. Turning 21 and having none of my friends turn up to my birthday.

2. Turning 21 and being dumped by the guy I was seeing because he had a boyfriend.

3. Having a massive falling out with my father resulting in not speaking to him ever again.

4. Getting fired from my first ever job because I threatened my boss.

5. Being diagnosed with depression.

6. Getting told I’d never dance again.

7. Discovering Les Mills.

8. My share-house experiences.

9. My ex-best friends.

10. Meeting hulk.

In Too Deep

What the hell has happened??

I’ve been a bit busy these last couple of weeks, and suddenly my whole original plan of writing two posts per day has spiralled completely out of control, and now my backlog has reached 28 (soon to be 29) posts I need to write in order to catch up.


I was having a discussion with a couple of girls over the weekend, and one of them suggested that I take an easy way out, and instead just impose a word limit on all my outstanding posts – something like 50 – 100 words per post. That would allow me to still manage to write; I still get all my posts done; and then I can go back and expand on them later.

Yes, in theory it sounds viable, however, I feel as though I’m cheating myself because I’m not allowing myself to fully explore each prompt the way I should be.


…what do you think I should do? Leave a comment below…


Mar 20: Know One’s Self

Benjamin Franklin said: “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Do you think you know yourself well?

I sit here in this food court, and I can say quite confidently that I know myself quite well. A little too well. I know that there are certain things about me that I like, and there are things about me that I don’t like, and that I hide away in a dark place never to see the light of day. I know that I am full of secrets, regrets, creativity, emotion, talent and ability.

However, there are also certain things about myself that I don’t necessarily understand, or am able to explain. I think I know, however, I’m not entirely sure. For that reason, I sometimes feel like I need to have some kind of intense therapy session, like hypnosis, so I can have somebody tap into my subconscious and extract all the answers I can’t resolve on my own.

In saying that, it’s a concept that intrigues me and terrifies me all at once. I don’t like the idea of not being able to control what I say or do. I’m on of those people who need to stay in control of my own actions. However, secretly I’d want to know what I would say. I know that I’m extremely analytical, especially self analytical, and that can be both a blessing and a burden. Sometimes knowing myself so well can be great because I can make decisions quickly and easily, however, knowing myself also means that I can back myself into a corner, and it’s hard to get myself out from there.

I was thinking about something I read the other day about true happiness, and although I know what I think would make me truly happy, I also think that if I were to have that, it would actually have the opposite reaction, and make me rather unhappy. It’s hard to make those kind of judgements, whilst being able to see the situation from both sides of the fence. Hence why I say it can be a blessing and a burden.

All I know is that I know myself better than anybody else will, and as long as I know who I am, that’s all that truly matters for me.