Daily Prompt – If I Ruled The World

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

There is so much about this world that I would love to change, if I had the ability to do so, but to have to choose just one of those is actually quite hard – especially because changing one would certainly have a knock-on effect on the rest of the world.

Something akin to the theory that if you travel back in time and change something, even miniscule and insignificant, it will create major changes in the future, and completely alter history.

According to Wikipedia, there are 5 laws of nature – Physical, Natural, scientific, laws of science and law of the jungle, and most of these each have their own sub-set of laws, principles, theorems and equations. After doing some (heavy) reading on a few of them, I now find myself much more confused than I was to begin with. I’m reading a lot of big words, and have absolutely no idea what they actually mean… if anything, this prompt is making me feel quite unintelligent. Rapidly.

I’ve just read a few paragraphs regarding space-time continuum and black holes in space…

…and so now, my brain hurts. What was the question again?

Perhaps, instead of getting so literal with it, I might just state that if I could change anything, I’d get Mother Nature to get herself in check, and sort the weather out properly. Give the rain to the countries that need it the most – I’m lookin’ at you, Africa! And take more of that hot, sunny, dry weather further north to Europe. Nothing extreme, I’d just make sure that there are four distinct seasons again, and that it stays that way. I want nature and all that is in it to continue to survive and then thrive within more equalised ecosystems.

I don’t want to see any more David Attenborough documentaries talking about endangered animals dying in Africa because of the heat and the resulting lack of water. Sorry, nope. Not having it. Make it rain there, so they have water to drink and plants to eat. Make it rain so that third-world nations have much cleaner drinking water, and enriched soil so they can grow crops and feed themselves, rather than die from hunger and malnutrition.

Or maybe, I go one step further, and just give myself the power to close the hole in the ozone layer? That would probably assist with fixing a lot of problems. It’d help stop the polar ice-caps melting, it would help reduce global warming, but I think that there should be a trade off. If I give myself the power to fix the ozone layer, I should also be allowed to implement strategies and policies on earth that will also minimise greenhouse gasses which cause and exacerbate the hole in the ozone layer. Make it an international practice, and those who are non-compliant face heavy fines.

So really, I’m just being greedy, because I want a power that is two-fold.


Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

So, if I can do magic, then I want to be able to do any kind of magic. Good, bad, let me do it all.

I must admit, that I’ve just finished watching the current season of Once Upon A Time and the Queen (Regina) is suuuuuuch a bitch. She’s so fucking evil, so you just spend the entire series waiting for some do-gooder to unleash some major take-down and knock some sense and rationale into her…

I imagine that I’d be more inclined to be an evil bitch just like Regina,

however, I would balance it out by doing some good magic to counteract all the evil I unleash.

You piss me off, I turn you into a frog. Or set you on fire. Or vanquish you to another world. Do the right thing by me and I’ll grant you a wish, like a genie. I’d help the unfortunate. I’d end world hunger. I’d end war in the middle east. I’d fix governments.

If I can’t have any of that type of power, then I’d at least like the ability to

  1. make myself invisible
  2. fly
  3. read people’s minds / memories
  4. erase people’s memories
  5. heal people
  6. inflict instant karma upon those who wrong others.
  7. set a bitch on fire… let’s face it, sometimes you just wish you could burn a bitch.