Daily Prompt – Off The Shelf

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?

My problem is not the books that I want to re-read, but moreso the books that I’d like to actually read for the first time!  Continue reading

Daily Prompt – A Bookish Choice

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?

They’re both appealing for different reasons, but either way, it provides some kind of notoriety, and at the end of the day, I’m still a published author. So fuck it, let’s go for a popular author. Millions of readers equals millions of dollars… right?

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Day 16 – Book Covers

How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?

Well, it’s a two-sided situation for me:

  1. If it’s a book that I already know I want to read, then it’s irrelevant. I’m more interested in the content, although a shitty cover can put a dampener on an otherwise great book
  2. If it’s a book that I’ve never read or heard about, the cover is everything

I’ve stopped buying physical hardback / paperback books in now instead buy books from the iBooks store on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have time to read any of them, just like I haven’t had time to read any of the physical books that I have sitting in the bookcase in the spare room. 

I always have the intention of reading them; telling myself that I’ll happen one day. But guess what, that one day still hasn’t come, but 5 years have passed. I’m so terrible. I really do want and need to make more of a conscious effort to do some reading. Perhaps I should set a different kind of challenge. Read a book a month for 12 months. Hmmm… 2014, I’m looking at you. And I’ve already got 12 books I could read. It might not seem like much to some of you, because you’re all probably people who read 3 or 4 books per month, but hey, go fuck yourself. Stop rubbing your reading achievements in my face. If you can still manage to read 3 books a month whilst you work two jobs, having dinner at 10-10:30pm every night, whilst maintaining a relationship, and have about a dozen different tv shows to keep up with, then get back to me!!