Jan 31: NaBloPoMo Pressure Jan Edition

Did you feel a lot of pressure with January’s NaBloPoMo?

I really struggled with Jan’s NaBloPoMo, mainly because I didn’t structure myself properly to include a set time to actually write my posts. More often than not, I would get either too busy or too lazy for a couple of days, and then have to spend and entire afternoon / evening writing a bunch of posts just so I could catch up, and get them all out of the way.

Like right now. I’ve got another 9 posts in order for me to catch up completely, and I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to get through before I need to go to bed, or go to work.

I’m actually that far behind, January’s NaBloPoMo has finished and February has already begun, so the pressure is going to continue. Now I have to try and work out when I’m going to be able to sit down for a decent chunk of time and really smash out a string of posts, whilst still making them seem readable and not seem so… rushed.

Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

It’s January 26. Write a post in which the number 26 plays a role.

Well, Jan 26 here in Australia (‘Straya!!) is when we celebrate Australia Day.

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet from England in 1788 at Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Phillip.  When it was first settled, it marked the proclamation of British sovereignty over Australia’s east cost and was referred to as New Holland.

Captain Phillip was sent out here to check out some land that was discovered and claimed by James Cook in 1770, and was destined to become a British penal colony (hehehe penal). This is also why Australian’s are sometimes referred to as convicts.