May 27 – Inside? Outside?

Do you prefer eating outside or inside?


Well it’s dependent on the weather, really. When the sun’s out, especially when the weather is cold and miserable (I’m looking at you, Winter!), there’s nothing I love more than being able to get outside into the warm glowing sunshine… Although my problem is that I just want to take a blanket and lay down and have a little nap in the sun as well.

But even during the warmer months, it’s nice to be able to dine outside at night time, well, unless it’s still 38(Celsius) and everybody is sweating their holes out.

When it’s cold, I also love being able to eat inside being nice and warm. Even moreso if there’s an open fire involved.

Generally speaking though, I’d have to say I much prefer eating outside, especially if it’s with a small group of people. Gatherings like a BBQ or small dinner party etc are great when you get to be outside. Fresh air, the sounds of nature (well, unless you live in the city) are always quite nice, and if you’ve ever been over to our place to eat outside, it’s just nice and relaxing and full of food (and no doubt lots of laughs).