Daily Prompt – Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

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Daily Prompt – Season Scents

S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?

Summer seems like so very long ago… Well, it’s now winter here and it’s all about layered clothing and keeping warm. Although I’d much rather be on a beach in the sun right now!
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May 5 – Kitchen Creation

Have you ever invented your own recipe? Tell us about it (or your favourite one).

There are two ‘creations’ that instantly come to mind when I read this…

Firstly, there’s my cheesy pepper rice concoction.

I first created this when I was poor student. I was doing really long hours dancing full time, and would generally come home feeling completely exhausted, and by time I was ready to have dinner, it was quite late. After going through my six-pieces-of-toast-and-two-cups-of-tea-for-dinner phase, (which at one point also became a breakfast phase!) I moved on to this creation. It all happened one night when I was craving rice. Nothing special, just plain, boring, rice. I don’t know why, but I just was. I would sometimes make a big curry or stew, and a big pot of rice, and then portion it up and that would be lunches or dinners for a week, and I would always make my rice substituting water for stock – usually vegetable or chicken.

I’d make it in the microwave, and it would always cook perfectly.

So this one night, I decided to just make a small single portion of rice. Using chicken stock, I cooked my rice to perfection and took a couple of mouthfuls. It needed something. So I hunted through the cupboards to work out what to add… A-HA! A couple of small tins of tuna. Mixed it into the rice… still needed something… PEPPER!! SO I mixed that in and then added some grated cheese… and it became this gooey, peppery, tuna rice dish that became an instant hit, and a new regular in my repertoire of cooking late at night.

The other ‘creation’ of mine is my watermelon drink. It’s something that I generally only make in summer, because it’s so refreshing – especially here when summer reaches temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius!!

So, in a blender I would put a small amount of juice – I would only ever use a special Apple & Mint juice from the supermarket, then I would cut up a whole bunch of seedless watermelon (enough to fill 2/3 of my giant blender) then a big bunch of fresh mint, a generous handful of ice, and another small amount of juice… and blend.

It takes a little bit for everything to blend and for the ice to crush, and it quickly fills the blender – so if you try it, make sure that you don’t overfill the blender, because once it’s all liquidised, it’ll overflow.

Then in a glass, I put some more ice, pour in my concoction, garnish with some more mint and VOILA… heavenly refreshment!!

Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

Supreme Ruler of the Universe. That’s a bit much, but if I have to, I’ll roll with it.

As much as I have always dreamt about being a ruler of a strange and wonderful fantasy land, being the ruler of the universe would be too overwhelming for me. I’m too humble to revel in the glory of such a title.

I, instead, would make it a day for the people. I would probably have a day for the GLBTQIA community instead. If it wasn’t already being celebrated, it would be a day of celebration for the legislative passing of equality – predominantly, marriage equality.

I mean, who am I. Why should I get my own special day, for, essentially, doing nothing. It’s no different to giving The Kardashians an Emmy / Oscar for their outstanding acting abilities. They’re famous for being famous. Famous for doing nothing. Famous for having a reality show, where they do nothing.

I don’t want to be like that. I want to be entitled  to receive such accolades. I would rather receive the title for initiatives, like cleaning up the earth in a parallel universe which I would be more welcoming of. If that were the case, then the day would be more of a celebration of the salvation of parallel earth.

Or I might just have a day of general fabulousness.

Fabula Periodique

 Everybody should get together and dress up in incredibly elaborate costumes, wearble art, and incredibly stunning gowns….

… you get the idea…

So that’s just the costumes…!!

As for the rest of the day, it would be full of festivities, kind of like mixing Carnivale and Mardi Gras together into one giant super camp day.

There would be dancing everywhere… In the street, at work, on the train. There would be music everywhere.

There would be one special area in each town for a main stage, and a constant display of performances – like an end of year dance recital , or a talent show, but each town would have one at the same time, and they would all be streamed live over the internet, and random towns would be shown on giant screens near the main stage in between live performances.

The air would smell of citrus and fresh mint. There would be countless food stalls lining the streets. They would all sell a multitude of dishes and cuisines, but each would need to have a signature dish with either a citrus or a mint flavor / taste as the main feature of the dish. There would also be an array of special dishes that are cooked specifically for this day, for my day. Like chicken, pineapple and mint salad; or a watermelon, apple juice and mint mocktail. Dark chocolate orange mousse. So velvety and light and creamy, it almost dissolves on the tongue, and it will just keep the people wanting more.



Meanwhile, for those of you who are obsessed with fashion, check out Capitol Couture and get a box of tissues, because if a Spring / Summer collection gets your juices flowing, then this will bring you close to climax. *lol*