29 Dec – Happy Clothes

Is there something you wear that makes you feel happy?

There are, in fact, different clothes that make me feel happy, depending on the circumstances. I remember when I was younger and during the holidays we’d go to my father’s place on the northern NSW coast, we’d go swimming in the ocean, and it would be freezing, but when we’d return home and shower, I’d put on a jumper and track pants, despite it being 35C outside… which, also, drove my father ballistic because he simply couldn’t comprehend it.

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Apr 16: Caught In A Lie

Have you ever caught someone in a lie?  Did you confront them?

*sigh* so many of these prompts are continually leading me back to talking about my ex.

Two of the posts that I would say act as a reference to this are this one and then this one.

For those of you who are too lazy to actually put in some effort and read these other posts, the bottom line is, that I started seeing this guy, then found out after a while that he still had a boyfriend. Even later down the track, when he had told me that he had broken up with his boyfriend, I discovered that he hadn’t.

Needless to say, I wasn’t necessarily impressed. I’d spent far too long waiting for him to break up with him, but the time he actually did, it was too late. I was done. I was done with him lying to me; I was done with being treated the way he was treating me. I needed to get him out of my life and move on.