May 20 – Namaste, Bitches

Have you ever tried yoga or meditation? Tell us about your experience.

I remember my first impression of yoga was of my Aunty and my mum going through a series of yoga poses out in the backyard. I was probably 4 or so, so had no idea what was happening, but wanted to join in, however mum wouldn’t let me.

It wasn’t until about nineteen years later when I finally really got into yoga. I had recently joined a gym, and it was during my recovery period after sustaining my spinal injury. I remember I had my (light) weights program, and then decided to add a bit of yoga to my regime, and I was fortunate enough to actually have an instructor who wasn’t so completely full of themselves and overtly arrogant. This person was so welcoming and encouraging, and did whatever they could to ensure that each participant was able to really get to most out of each posture and each class. Unfortunately, this is a quality that I haven’t seen since then… And that was almost ten years ago.

I really loved yoga. It was on a Saturday and Sunday morning and it was great because I could then go home afterwards and have a small nap for a couple of hours. Due to my back injury, there was a lot that I couldn’t do as properly as I wished I could’ve due to my limited flexibility. It’s at that point you begin to have regrets about your life, regret that you didn’t start doing something as beneficial as yoga years ago when you probably should have.

Surprisingly enough, it was this point in my life I was ever truly able to give into the practise of meditation at the end of the class. Nowadays, I simply cannot do it. I have tried and tried various ‘mind / body’ classes and when it comes to the relaxation / meditation, I just can’t do it. My breathing goes all weird and my brain just simply won’t shut the fuck up long enough for me to chill out. I’m always thinking about a hundred other things rather than being present in the moment and that really pisses me off. I wish I could mediate. I wish I could relax long enough to get into that state of mind, but it just doesn’t happen.

So instead, I get massages.