May 21 – Writing Nourishment

Do you feel nourished or drained by the act of writing?


For me the concept and execution of actually writing is incredibly therapeutic. As I have quite a lot to say and an incredibly over-active mind, thoughts are constantly buzzing around in my head. There is still so much that I want to be able to write about, however, a lot of that is stuff that I’m not prepared to share on my blog. I should probably just write it regardless just for myself and keep it on my computer or something and then at least it will give me some relief and ease my mind somewhat.

I wish that I had more time just to write. I wish I had a handful of prompts for creative pieces that I could just spend a couple of days writing and write something like 10,000-15,000 words for each of them.

After my last creative piece which turned out to be 16,000 words (most of which was written in drive and drabs on my iPhone!), I realised how much I just want to write more creative pieces. I can just take an idea and completely run with it without really struggling for an idea, which I think is quite remarkable.

Granted, my 16,000-word piece was incredibly exhausting and I felt such relief when it was finally over, but it felt great knowing that I was capable of writing that much… So I guess my answer is both – it’s nourishing AND exhausting at the same time… But regardless, I love it.