May 22 – Nourishment

What do you do to nourish your soul when you feel emotionally depleted?

Emotional depletion can come as a result of so many different contributing factors, and for me, it’s generally because I tend to live inside my head, and keep my true feelings to myself all the time. I will make sure that at certain times I will make it clear if I’m upset or angry so that people don’t keep testing my patience and make me completely flip out into some kind of blinding rage, but even then, I don’t actually verbalise what my true feelings are. This is why I find myself just wanting to go to sleep a lot or alternatively, silently cry to myself sitting on the floor of the bath.

Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s completely unhealthy, but I also realise that it’s so undeniably draining on the body (and the soul).

It’s during these moments where I literally will go and sleep to physically replenish the body, but it’s also during this time that I think in depth about different things that I can and want to write about. For me, writing is quite therapeutic, and something that I still haven’t managed to get into a regular habit of doing. But I really should make more of an effort!

Some people turn to comfort food, some people turn to watching sad movies so they can have a good cry and get it out of their system… I just want to write.

May 19 – Nourishment

What do you do to nourish yourself apart from food?

Well, perhaps the most nourishing thing I do for myself now is writing. Although it may only be general blogging and not necessarily anything substantial, it’s still better than sitting there talking about it or thinking about it but not actually following it through. I think that was perhaps the most detrimental part – doing all this talking and planning and constantly saying things like ‘I should start writing… Maybe I’ll start a blog…!’ but then nothing came of it and all of a sudden a couple more months have passed and I’ve achieved nothing.

That day I decided to start a blog, I really had no idea whatsoever as to what I was doing, what I’d be writing or even what direction I was going in… And now, I’ve written almost 350 posts and a few creative pieces and I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot. I have realised that there is still a lot inside my head that I want to write about, however I’m still quite apprehensive and guarded about sharing certain aspects of my life with my audience. I have also realised that I really love writing creative pieces, especially when I get so absorbed in an idea and it just flows – I just wish that I was able to fully dedicate as much time as needed in order to get a whole creative piece out without it taking a few days, or a couple of weeks.

I’ve missed writing creative pieces… I need more of that.

If you know of any great blogs or writers sites for some good creative prompts, let me know in the comments section below 🙂