May 12: Nutrition vs. Taste

How do you balance good nutrition and good taste?


Generally speaking, I was always of the view that if it’s supposed to be good for you, healthy etc then it must taste like crap. On the flip side, if it tastes amazing, then it must be bad for you.

However, over the years as I’ve grown and as my palette has developed, I’ve discovered that healthy food can actually taste good. Don’t get me wrong, there are still foods out there that are good for you, and taste like some kind of fowl hell, (yeah, I’m looking at you corn and Brussel sprouts!!) and don’t even get me started on things like gluten-free – that’s just so much wrong, I can’t even begin to explain! I guess it’s because I’ve always had a diet that has used utter and full-cream milk – all those ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ ingredients that actually make food taste amazing.

Over the past few years I have managed to implement ‘healthier’ alternatives in my diet – we use a soy-based spread instead of butter; swapped full-cream for semi-skim… We also eat a lot more lean meats and vegetables… But in saying that we also have a weakness for cupcakes and potato chips… Our diet isn’t perfect, but it’s not terrible either.

I find that I’m still in the mindset that if it’s healthy it doesn’t taste that great, and requires a lot of seasoning / flavouring etc. every now and then friends of mine who have extremely healthy diets will get me to taste something they’ve made, particularly ‘raw food’ which actually tastes incredible. Those moments mess with my head because it just seems too good to be true that something so yummy can actually be healthy for you… I still don’t understand it, and then they tell me how easy it is to make, however easy = time consuming + expensive ingredients… And let’s face it, I’m just lazy.

Daily Prompt: The New School

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

I wasn’t a fan of school, probably because I was bullied and none of my teachers cared enough to step in or reprimand my tormentors.

If was able to completely redesign school, it would involve a complete overhaul.

I would make english, maths and health the only mandatory subjects, but I would structure it like my senior years in highschool whereby everybody had to pick enough subjects to make up 12 ‘units’. That way, all students would be free to choose the topics that they want to study throughout their high-school years. You wouldn’t be forced to study science, or geography, or history if it didn’t interest you.

There’d be better systems in place to deal with disruptive students and those with learning difficulties… basically I would take everything that was completely wrong with my high school and do the complete opposite so that it would actually function properly…

…and I wouldn’t end up sitting in the back on an English class full of dickheads who think it’s entertaining to throw a pot of glue and bananas at high-speed ceiling fans so they explode all over the class room, and everything, and everyone contained therein.

I wouldn’t force people to learn useless mathematical formulae that will be completely pointless for majority of students once they finish highschool… I’m looking at you trigonometry… You still never told me what x was…

I would have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. I would have a school counsellor available every day, rather than just once or twice a week.

I would make P.E. mandatory and make it 3-4 times per week. Given that the world is talking about an obesity epidemic, and that it’s a major problem for children and teenagers, I’d be introducing major changes in an attempt to combat this problem. If the school had a tuck-shop / cafeteria, then it would only serve healthy and nutritional foods. There would be no sugar, and either natural sugars, or specific types of sweeteners would be used as subsitutes. We would have a smoothie bar, and nutrition would be a part of the health curriculum, as would healthy cooking classes, in order to give students a better idea of healthier meal choices they could be making and creating on their own.

I would introduce a system whereby every student can have three half-day study leave passes each month. Had a late night and didn’t finish your assingment that’s due tomorrow arvo? That’s okay, use a study leave pass, skip your classes for the morning, spend it in the library and finish your assignment, and pick up your homework from the morning at the same time.

All years would be able to have all homework tasks delivered via email, or school intranet, but all classwork would require to be handwritten. Only essays and assignments will be allowed to be typed, in order to provide a focus on creating humans with legible handwriting. For those with illegible handwriting, they would be required to make it part of their core English subjects.

There would be better behaviour management systems in place to remove disruptive, unsettled and delinquent students from the classroom to allow them more one-to-one attention, counselling and testing.