Mar 12: Too Revealing

Do you feel like you reveal too much of yourself on your blog? Do you think you hold back too much?


I’m in two minds about this. Part of me wants to be more like an open book, but in today’s age, people tend to be too open about their lives and the ins and outs of their personal life.

What’s the line on what should and shouldn’t be shared in an online / public forum. Part of me wants to write a novel which involves naming-and-shaming certain people, but then at the same time, I ask myself what that will achieve. Yes, it’ll make me feel better, but how would it make those people feel if I was airing their dirty laundry to people who don’t need to know about it?

I know that I have quite a lot of stuff that I would love to write about and share, however, I don’t particularly feel entirely comfortable doing so on a blog… if I was able to do so, and remain completely anonymous, then it would not be a problem. If I were able to share with complete anonymity, then it would simply be ON. It would be on for young and old and dirty laundry would simply be the name of the game. Skeletons from deep within the closet would be coming out and being put on display.

I have this great hesitation about being brutally honest about certain things, because people that I know read this blog, and there are some things that I’d love to write about, however, I simply can’t do so knowing that these people would associate it with me. Regardless of how comfortable I feel with them, and how open I generally am with them, there are some things that I would much prefer to say without my name being associated with it.

Perhaps if I do end up writing that name-and-shame book, I’ll write it under a pseudonym that nobody knows about.

But in saying that, it’s not like I’d be writing these things with the intention of bringing somebody down, ruining careers, relationships etc etc, it would be moreso to inform others that this is what some people in life are truly like, and that others shouldn’t be fooled by their bullshit. There’s also a lot of personal stuff that I’d love to write about, but simply can’t… well, not yet. Not until I work out a way to do so without it being linked to me.

As much as I’d love to be able to live life without a filter, and live my life as an open book and completely own everything that comes out of my mouth… I’m not that person. Well, not at the moment anyway. Who knows, perhaps when I get older, I’ll start to not care as much, and have less inhibitions and reservations about what I write.