Apr 2 – Not So Shocking

What is something that shocked you when you were younger that isn’t so shocking now?

Without tooting my own horn, I was a pretty switched on kid – there were a lot of things that would have shocked others, but didn’t really phase me. I was quite aware of my surroundings, the people within and what was going on with them.

I look back and think about things that probably should have shocked me, but didn’t, and then I think about how the same thing would affect somebody else. For example, I’ve talked about how I first watched Rocky Horror when I was like, 7 or 8 or something. Granted, I didn’t necessarily understand it at the time, and I knew that there was something wrong when I got into trouble from Mum for watching it, and she said I was banned from watching it again… but then not so long afterwards, mum ended up watching it with me.

And again.

…and again.

…and again, and again, and again…

Seeing as how everybody is so precious about what their children watch, and people get completely hysterical about this, just the concept of a parent allowing their child to watch something so… controversial would send many parents into a fit. Have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Would you let your 8yr old watch it? I guess if we’re going to start talking about censorship and age-appropriate content, then we could open an entire can of worms and talk about all kinds of things like violent video-games, cartoons, language, sexual references etc etc… but I’m not going to – my brain isn’t ready for that today. I’ve had a ginger tea and two pieces of cake, that’s enough excitement for one day. *lol*

Other than that, there are of course other things back then, like horror movies for example – they would terrify me back then, and now I re-watch them and I think about how terribly made they were, and how the special effects were soooooo bad.

Maybe I’ve just formed an outlook from a very early age that nothing is shocking to me anymore… I just take it for what it is. Art. Creativity. Statement. Attention., etc.


Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

Conveniently, I’ve already covered part of this in a previous post.

As for the rest of it… Oh, how I would love for their to be no stupid people on that planet. If it was a planet that I was able to relocate humans to, then I’d be the sole person in charge of screening all applicants… normal people with common-sense would all be relocated to my fancy new planet, but that would then leave all the rest of the dumbasses to fend for themselves here on Earth.

Due to the strict regulations on energy and recycling, there would be such a significant reduction in pollution on the planet, which would result in a purer form of oxygen for the humans, flora and fauna.

This, in term, would mean that global warming wouldn’t be a problem, which, in turn, would create a healthier planet for us to live on.

The weather would be stable – we would still have a standard four seasons, however, droughts would be a thing of the past. Weather would actually be self-sensing and self-regulating… if it senses an area that is in drought, it would instantly create enough rain over the span of a week or two to replenish the environment without having it all happen at once and going to the extreme of flooding.

This would also work in reverse – if there is too much rain or moisture in the atmosphere, the sun and heat would regulate itself in order to dry things up just enough. Ideally there would generally be lots of greenery and sunshine, because modern society doesn’t get enough sunshine, or appreciate simple things in life, like grass and being able to walk on it barefoot.

I want the kind of weather that I love – warm and sunny. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect every day. Oceans would all be gorgeous and clear with sparkling white sand. I’d still have specific climates in order to preserve specific wildlife ie: polar ice caps.


::SIDENOTE:: As soon as I read ‘Interplanet Janet’, my immediate thought was to the Rocky Horror Picture Show…

You better wise up... build your thiiiiighs up....


Dec 17: Satisfaction or Antici…..pation.

Do you give people more than what they ask for, or do you leave them wanting more?

Well, where shall we start with this one?

I think this needs to be put into context. Are we talking about this in general? Professionally? Sexually?

Well, I think for me personally, there’s something satisfying about giving people what they want. For example, in a professional capacity, it’s always great for me to not only give co-workers work or information that they’re asking for, but sometimes I’m proactive enough to actually do certain things before they even ask for it, that way, when they do ask for it, I can just give it to them straight away.

I really enjoy it when they start this big speech about some detailed task and whilst they’re mid-sentence, I just hand it over and then they just stop talking and get this look on their face as if to say HOW DID YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY?? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!! hehehe.

I find it quite satisfying when I’m able to exceed any expectations that people may have about me. I really get a kick out of it. But at the same time, if I take on a task that even I think might be a bit too much for me, I enjoy the challenge, and then if I actually manage to pull it off, then I get this small wave of self-satisfaction and pride that I enjoy momentarily… before feeling too self indulgent and arrogant.

I think the above gif perfectly represents the exact reaction that I had when I made my very first elaborate multi-layer cake. It was incredible, and it tasted like absolute heaven.

I had never made something so elaborate before, and although it may not have been that neat, it still looked pretty damn impressive… and it weighed a tonne!! Well, not literally, but it was pretty damn heavy. In actual fact, by the time I had smothered it in frosting, it didn’t actually fit in the cake container. I’m just glad that it actually tasted incredible, otherwise it would have been so upsetting to spend so much time and money on such an effort only for it to be a complete waste of time.

Damn it, now I want cake. Probably not the best thing to be thinking about just before I go to the gym. *lol*

…thanks Frankie. God damn I love this movie. One of my all-time favourites. This was the movie that I fell in love with Tim Curry. I think I was 7. It was all downhill from there. *lol*

Day 7 – Trapped In A Movie

If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

When you’re like me and you have a multitude of favourite movies, even those movies that you can recite line by line (which I think demonstrates that you have some kind of problem!!), it’s hard to choose just one of them for a scenario such as this.

Initially, my first response was Sex and the City (the first one, and not that ridiculous second one where SJP is really looking considerably older than what she actually is, poor thing) simply because it’s a favourite for so many fashion-loving gay guys and their handbag-swinging gal-pals. Let’s face it, when I saw SATC at the movies, and that scene where Big opens the door to Carrie’s wardrobe with her stiletto feature-wall, every single person in that cinema gasped and clutched their invisible pearl necklace.

Sidenote: One of my absolute favourite moments of that whole movie. I think it’s only outshone by Carrie’s deliciously over-the-top, Vivenne Westwood wedding gown (although, personally, my favourite was the Vera Wang from the Vogue shoot she does in the movie – talk about extravagant!! Oh and special mention to the Dior gown as well.)

I think it’d be so much fun to hang out for a week with the SATC girls, running around New York and shopping up a storm, surrounded by fashion – although I could handle kicking it with Samantha, she’s a bit unhappy.

After all those thoughts were racing through my head within about 15 seconds, the very next movie I thought of was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factoryand that amazing scene where he leads them through that strange hallway where they seem to turn into giants and he plays the tiny piano to open the door to, perhaps one of the most iconic cinematic scenes that was ever burned into my retinas as a child (great. Now I have that song stuck in my head!)

*sigh* Gene Wilder without a doubt was the PERFECT Willy Wonka, and although I might be 30yrs old, every time I watch this movie, I’m six years old again, watching this scene for the very first time (sometimes I get a bit too emotional watching it), and what kid wouldn’t give their right arm to spend a day inside that chocolate factory, let alone five days!!? I wanna hang out with the Oompa Loompa’s, and try all the new candy that Mr Wonka was working on; hang out with geese that lay gold eggs for easter.

Damn it. Now I wanna watch this movie again.

The third movie that appeared in my head was The Rocky Horror Picture ShowNow, I think was about 7 when I first saw this movie. I didn’t really understand what I was watching, I just remember there was a lot of funny costumes, Meatloaf got killed, there was lots of singing and dancing. It wasn’t until a few years later and I’d watched it at least 100 more times that I finally started making sense of what was actually going on in this film.

Certainly not the typical film a 7yr old should be watching… but that’s another story…

Perhaps one of my absolute FAVOURITE movies ever, RHPC is forever burned into my memory. At the drop of a hat I can easily break into song, or quote a line from the movie, I’ve seen it that many times. (is there such a thing as too many times??). I’d love to hang out with Frankenfurter for a week. The ultimate party host, and creator of Rocky (No, not that rocky – with good ol’ mumbly Stallone), that mute-hottie with the incredible body and those gold briefs. Or at least hang around upstairs with Magenta and Columbia and find out all the gossip about Frankie’s latest party… who was there… what happened… etc etc.

Coming in at number four is The Never Ending StoryThe movie of a generation, this is one of those cult classics for anybody who grew up in the 80’s. I would have loved to go adventuring with Atreyu, PURELY just so I could ride on Falcor, and help him save Artax. Then once I got to Fantasia, I’d be hanging out with the Child Like Empress, to help save her people. Although I wouldn’t mind hanging out with the Rockbiter, even if he could be a bit annoying at times.

Just behind that would be Return To OzSimply so I could go on an adventure with Dorothy to help rescue Scarecrow and keep Dorothy safe… and, also to ask her if she really had shock-therapy, or if it was just acting.