Daily Prompt – Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

Here in ‘Straya (mate!) we’re moving into spring, and the weather is currently a bit of a mess. Hot. Sunny. Cold. Windy. Sunny. Hailing. All in a day. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it has it’s moments.
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Daily Prompt – Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

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Daily Post – The Last Supper

Eat, Drink and Be Merry… for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

Okay, so it’s the end of the world as we know it… but do we know exactly what the cause is? Nuclear war? Zombie apocalypse? Either way, it’s time to rally those nearest and dearest and have one big last hurrah… without the tears though. Nobody likes a Debbie-Downer at the dinner table sobbing into their mashed potato!

I know that if I knew we were all going to die tomorrow, I’d have a massive party. I’d call up everybody that I knew and get them all to rally at a nice park. It’s spring here in Australia, so the nights are getting warmer, and staying lighter for longer. The various perfumes from all the flowers that are starting to bloom are riding on the warm breeze, swirling through the trees and the grasses. All my friends are there just kicking back enjoying a cider as the sun begins to set. Singlets, sunnies and thongs everywhere. Plates and bowls galore of some of the most incredible food I’ve ever eaten, ranging from really healthy options through to anything and everything fried, and of course, lots of lollies.

There’s no time to be sad. What’s to be sad about? It’s the end. It can’t be changed. You’re not going to be missed, because there’s not going to be anybody left to actually miss you (well, unless of course they’re in space…?) Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality. We’re all going to die. Not just me. Not just you. EVERYBODY.

Those loud neighbours next door? YEP. What about that little 4yr old who always terrorises Mr Whiskers? CERTAINLY!! And that guy that let’s his dog pee in the lift? He’s first on the list!

But what would it actually be like with your friends and family all together – come on, how long can you talk about the world ending? 

Nawww geeeez, yeah, so this world coming-to-an-end bizzo? Pretty scary shit, huh!? 

How long can you harp on about that?? I would probably gather everybody around for some kind of airing of the closet. Time to collect up all your skeletons, and I mean ALL of them, and let the secrets fly freely. Nobody is there to judge you. No repercussions will come about as a result. It’s (literally!) your last chance to clear your slate. For those of you who believe in Jeebus and heaven and hell, may this be your last opportunity to cleanse your soul of demons.

Those of you who believe in reincarnation, well, you’re kinda screwed. Which makes me wonder, if you do believe in reincarnation, but you can’t actually be reincarnated as anything because, y’know, the end of the world and all that jazz, where do you go?? Are you destined to just remain in a void?