May 16 – Favourite Restaurant

Tell us about your favourite restaurant.

Oh easy, it’s a sushi train place in the city.

Most of the time whenever Hulk and I want to go on a man date, we’ll always try and get a  booking there first, before we try anything else. It’s our favourite place, and we’ve been going there for a number of years.

It’s a tiny little place, that can only hold maybe thirty people. It’s quite narrow and quite cramped, and every time we’ve been there, it’s always been packed, sometimes to the point where you simply can’t book a table, or have to wait anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour or sometimes longer.

The best seats in the house are all situated around the actual sushi train, because it makes it so much easier to access the food as it goes around, meaning that you always get the first / best opportunity to get the food as soon as it’s plated, so it’s fresh and if it’s cooked, it’s still quite hot.

I think our favourite seats are right across from the kitchen / preparation area – we both love watching them work in the kitchen, preparing the dishes with such precision and finesse. As we’re both big ‘foodies’, we love to see all the work that goes in behind the scenes to preparing dishes. Most people wouldn’t like to have those kind of seats, perhaps because they don’t necessarily think about (or care about) the work that goes into the dish, they just want it to look good and taste incredible.

May 15 – Dining In or Out?

How often do you eat a meal from a restaurant? How do you decide when to cook or when to eat out?

We don’t usually eat out that often – instead we prefer to cook at home… well, Hulk prefers to cook at home. *lol* Most of the time when we do eat out, it’s usually take-away – something like mexican or burgers or sushi. Every now and then we’ll have McDonalds, and when we go out on a ‘man date’ we’ll go to a proper restaurant.

Ideally we like to have a man date once or twice a month, although that hasn’t even been happening because we’ve been so busy with other plans. When we do go out, we almost always go to our favourite place in the city which is a sushi-train. It’s always hard to try and get a table there, but it’s always worth it, and if we go there when we’re hungry, we do a lot of damage in terms of how much food we eat!!

The last time we went out on a  man-date, we couldn’t get into our sushi train place, so we tried another place that we’d always wanted to go to… a chinese buffet place. I think that it’s now our new favourite place, simply for the seafood and dessert buffets. Simply amazing. It’s bait more expensive, but completely worth every penny!