Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

Seeing as how my starsign is Scorpio, I tend to get quite wild with jealousy… even over the most stupid and insignificant things. Even sometimes I can catch myself beginning to get jealous over something stupid, and I remind myself that I’m just being an idiot.

One thing that drives me to wild murderous rage jealousy is when anybody, anybody starts to talk to Hulk. The worst offenders are on Facebook. He will post a pic, or he’ll get tagged in a photo or a status, and some guy will comment. They might think they’re being completely innocent, but I read it and alarm bells start pinging and whirring in my head, and I’m instantly ready to find out where they live and beat them down with a baseball bat.

Granted, some of them may indeed be quite innocent in what they say, but I certainly don’t ever read it that way. I’m always on the defensive. Don’t you DARE talk to my husband in ANY manner that could even remotely be interpreted as ‘suggestive’ or I will kill you.

I. will. fucking. kill. you.

Hulk thinks that I’m just overreacting. I most certainly am not. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY looks at my man ‘like that’ and gets away with it. He’s MY husband, and you can just keep your grubby hands to yourself. Find your own man, and leave mine alone!

Telling my husband how hot he looks in his singlet? Asking for trouble.

Suggesting that my husband come and cook you dinner whilst I’m away? I’ll kill you first. THEN I’ll kill Hulk!!

Commenting that you like the look of my husbands ‘meat’ when he posts a photo of a roast dinner? I’ll hunt you down and throat-punch you. With a baseball bat.

Others would consider it a positive to have a partner who gets jealous. However, I get jealous and violent. Not that I’ve ever actually acted upon anything other than visualising it in my head… but at the same time, I’ve never been pushed like that…

I suppose there’s always a ‘first’ for everything, right?


Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

I’m Gen-Y. I’m pretty sure that my generation were the last generation of people who were relatively normal and could string a sentence together. The following generation, the Millennials just make me want to punch them in the face.
They’re the ones who have no drive. They’re selfish, they’re lazy. They want the entire world handed to them on a silver platter, and even then they’re not quite sure that it’s what they want. It’s the hipster generation; the too-cool-for-anything-mainstream generation; the generation of ‘fixies’, and glassless-glasses, LOL-speak, ‘hashtags’, general stupidity and no common sense.

I can honestly say I understand absolutely nothing about them. They come across as just being so incredibly selfish, and I just don’t get it. When I was younger, if I acted like they did, I’d either end up getting nothing out of life, and if I behaved like they did, I’d end up with either a kick in the pants or a swift back-hand. But now the Millennials are also part of the generation that pretty much made any kind of physical discipline taboo, or in some places, illegal. Hence why they were able to act like little shits and get away with it.

What can I learn from them?? How not to behave, and how not to raise a child. I have no intentions of actually having children whatsoever, but if I actually did, I would raise my child the way I was raised.