Daily Prompt – To Do? Done!

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

1. Sleep More.

2. Exercise More.

3. Write a novel.

4. Create a better connection with my family

5. Finish all my video games

It’s been a terrible couple of days, truly. It really does feel like such a burden having to get out of bed at 11am, after thirteen hours sleep, only to go to the gym and see that it’s empty. Y’know, that really is one of the things I love about mid-morning workouts, not having to WAIT for any of the machines.

On my way home from the gym I called my mum, and she’s well. Enjoying her part-time job and semi-retirement. Doesn’t really know what she’s going to do with herself though. I’ve suggested that she should look into revisiting her plans for writing her book. She started it, and I reckon she should finish it. It’s been a couple of years, she could look at it with fresh eyes and completely change everything, or change nothing. Just write something! Then I called my brother, and we have decided to surprise mum in a couple of months time. I’m going to be in Brisbane for a few days, and he and mum are going to plan a lunch, and I’m just going to turn up ‘out of the blue’. I’m looking forward to it. We haven’t been together for quite some time.

But I’ll also be using it as a celebration. Today I’m going home to write the final chapter of my novel. It’s only taken two years, but I’ve chipped away at it bit, by bit, and now, BOOM, I have a novel. I kind of need Mum and my brother to read it, because they’re mentioned in it, but it’s nothing that isn’t particularly true. I’m kind of anxious about finishing it, because it’s taken so long, and I actually didn’t think that I’d ever finish it, but I’m going to. When I get home, I’m turning off the phone, turning on the music, locking the door, and enjoying some writing time and some sunshine and some fresh Spring air floating through the windows.

I’m excited. And nervous.

I may also have a cake waiting for me – it’s my incentive for finishing it. Just me, a fork, and a cake. I’m not planning a party or anything fancy, I’d rather just quietly celebrate on my own. Well, technically, the celebration will be after the bath. The bath will be a long, long soak in the tub, then I’m going to give myself a mani / pedi, a face mask, a hair mask and smother myself in moisturiser, then kick back on the couch, with my cake, a steaming pot of tea and my PlayStation game. In the spirit of completion, I’m almost ready to finish this one as well. I’m at 88%, and I’m determined to finish this one as well, so I can add that to the list… and who knows, that might require another cake as well.

And then once it’s all done… I’ve got a date with the ocean!!

…in HAWAII!!



Jan 3: Procrastination

Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?


I think that about 80% of the time, all I do is procrastinate… the remaining 20% is that time when I get super productive and want to do everything all at once and get everything done – and at those points, you just need to stay out of my way, or I’ll end up losing my shit.

When it comes to my blogging, it’s been difficult to keep up to date with posting daily, and as a result, I ended up with almost twenty posts to write in the space of a day just so I can catch up.

And the holidays are the worst time for it. Sleeping in, staying in my pj’s all day, living on the couch watching catch-up tv… when in actual fact, I should be getting my arse into gear – get up early, go outside into the sunshine, go to the gym and do a workout (ugh) – get all the ‘work’ out of the way so then I can come home and relax.

…but I don’t.

At the moment all I want to do is stay in my pj’s and play Playstation all day long and eat nothing but chocolate… however, apparently, wanting to do that is frowned upon by some people.

On the flip side, there is something I find deeply satisfying about being able to check-off on a list of objectives, as Hulk calls it. Not that I make many of them, but on those occasions when I do, it’s always great to see everything on that list ending up crossed-out. I really should be making those more often… but that’s just not how I roll.