Daily Prompt – Locked and Sealed

Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

I have a lot of secrets. About a lot of people. And let’s just say they should be mindful of that fact should they choose to talk shit about me behind my back… thinking that I won’t find out. Otherwise it would be a shame if those secrets happen to ‘accidentally’ be revealed to certain individuals… In other words, don’t fuck with me.

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Mar 17: Trust

Who do you trust more: yourself or others?


I ONLY trust myself. History has ALWAYS reminded me that the only person I can rely on is myself. Other people will inevitably let you down, moreso when you really need them and their support / assistance etc.

I don’t really trust most people, and in order for me to trust somebody, I need to know that whatever I’m doing, or telling them, will remain strictly between us and that they won’t go and talk about it to other people behind my back.

That is one of the worst things that I have experienced in my life – people betraying my trust, or me experiencing them betray somebody else’s trust. Unfortunately there are people in this world who seem to be hell-bent on bringing others down in some attempt to make themselves appear to be a better person. The only thing worse than that, are the people that support and encourage them to do so.

I cannot stand people who are two faced.

There was recently a conversation that I had with a friend of mine. This person I had always thought was quite trusting, however, after realising that this person was quite close and open with somebody that I dislike, I realised that it wouldn’t take much for this ‘friend’ of mine to tell this person whatever I’d said.

That was the point when I realised that they might be of the mindset keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The more I thought into it, the more I realised that almost every conversation we had, this other person was brought up in some way, almost as a test in order to see what I would have to say about them, so they could then later on run back and relay everything I said, whilst also probably twisting it to make it sound worse… which is what this person happens to do.

So we were having a conversation, and out of the blue, this person blurts out something that somebody else had said about two other people we all know. Now, this was quite personal and sensitive information that really should strictly remain as a private matter between the two of them. This information is not anybody elses business, but this particular person found out about it, and then went around their social circle telling everybody about it… ‘So, you’ll never guess what I heard about — and –!! If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anybody else…!!’

The problem was, that although this person was spreading this gossip as a means for them to somehow seem to be ‘cooler’, they were asking everybody else keep it secret, but at the same time, telling anybody (and everybody) who’d listen.

By the time I’d found out from my friend, I’d already heard about it from a couple of different people, and simply brushed it off because IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS!! IT DOESN’T CONCERN ME!! So when I found out that this ‘friend’ was quite happily telling other people, I simply reiterated that I a) don’t buy into third / fourth / fifth hand gossip; b) it’s got nothing to do with me, so I don’t want to know and c) how would they feel if somebody was talking about them in this sense behind their back and airing their dirty laundry?? They wouldn’t like it, so why are they partaking in the exact same activity.

This came almost as a revelation, and made them stop and actually think about what they were saying. At that precise moment, I lost my trust for them, and made a promise to myself (and Hulk) that I would never reveal anything personal to them that would bother me if other people found out.

This is why I’m so good at keeping other people’s secrets, and why I’m so closed off from other people. It’s also why my hair’s so big… it’s full of secrets!! *LOL*


Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

I’ve never really thought about having a legacy. I’ve always had the view that I’ll die alone; I won’t have children; the buck stops with me. I always imagined that I’d end up writing some kind of memoirs and literally document everything that has happened in my life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.


But as well as that, I’d also leave my computer with every single one of my passwords so that somebody whom I trust could close accounts and see I to the kind of stuff that I did online. For example, only a handful of people actually know about this blog, so I would leave them this address, and allow them to spend time reading through post after post of me and my ranty, judgemental writings hehehe.

If anything was possible, I would love to leave this life knowing that I got something started, or I had helped to create something. Whether it’s taking advantage of solar energy and making it mandatory for homes with a certain sized roof to have a certain number of solar panels installed in order to help reduce power usage and therefore reduce carbon emissions. Or whether it’s something as simple as setting up a performing arts fund / scholarship for poor country kids; the bottom line is I would like to at least achieve something! the problem is, I just don’t actually know what that something is yet.

Hell, I still didn’t even know what I want to be when I grow up!!


Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Upon first reading this, I thought there was a number of different avenues that I could go down in response to this, but then I thought, let’s define evil first…


e·vil  [ee-vuhl]


1. morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.

2. harmful; injurious: evil laws.

3. characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.

4. due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character: an evil reputation.


6. that which is evil; evil quality, intention, or conduct: to choose the lesser of two evils.

7. the force in nature that governs and gives rise to wickedness and sin.

8. the wicked or immoral part of someone or something: The evil in his nature has destroyed the good.

9. harm; mischief; misfortune: to wish one evil.

10. anything causing injury or harm: Tobacco is considered by some to be an evil.


13.in an evil manner; badly; ill: It went evil with him.


14. the evil one, the devil; Satan.


1. sinful, iniquitous, depraved, vicious, corrupt, base, vile, nefarious. See bad1 .

2. pernicious, destructive.

6. wickedness, depravity, iniquity, unrighteousness, corruption, baseness.

9. disaster, calamity, woe, misery, suffering, sorrow.


1. righteous.

<source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/evil>


How many of you reading that feel as though you know of somebody, or have encountered somebody, that fits one (or more) of the above definitions? You might not necessarily relate to them as evil, instead preferring words such a bitch, moll, cunt, prick etc, instead.

Or perhaps they are more of a frenemy? 

Personally, I know of a couple of frenemies. These are the people who are nice as pie to your face, but as soon as you turn away, they would stab you in the back just as quickly. Nasty and malicious. The people who would go out of their way to divulge personal information about me, or even Hulk, in a negative light, in order to gain their trust / friendship.

Recruitment via character take-down.

Most of the time, I find it quite selfish and juvenile. Previously, it would get me quite upset, although I wouldn’t show it. I’d just whinge to Hulk about it. I would ask myself why people don’t like me? What have I done? What is it that has upset this person that much that they now feel the need to turn other people against me? Why do I feel as though I’m the only person who can see they are two-faced and manipulative? When I find myself asking those questions repeatedly, it’s a sign that I no longer need to associate with them. The less I have to do with them, the better.

But then there’s the people that they have already recruited? Great. MORE frenemies to deal with. Just what I need. 

And before you start getting all judgey on me, and start suggesting that I bring it on myself, okay, yes, I can admit that at times, I’ve had my moments where I stoop down to their level and do the exact same thing, so I’ll admit that I can be just as bad. What do you exepct? I’m a scorpio, it’s in my nature. I’m the person that you don’t want to cross. The one you don’t want to piss off. The one who will hold a grudge for a long time. The one who may forgive, but will never forget if you wrong me. The one who WILL go out of their way to take you down by revealing who you really are.

HOWEVER, on the flip side of that, I will also be your best friend. Your confidant. The one who will always be there to listen and talk to and give advice. The one who would go and visit you and see if you’re okay, rather than just say something on Facebook. I’m the one that you trust with your secrets and shame.

So I guess, even I would have to admit, that I have a tendency to be a little evil. Granted, it’s been a very long time since I last did a take-down of my own because somebody pissed me off, but I know that I have the tendency to be extremely cold and ruthless.

…just ask my ex.

Perhaps it’s not my frenemies who I should consider evil. Perhaps it’s me instead.