To-Do List

Ahh the good old to-do list.

The bain marie of my life.

Some people are all about lists, and tasks, and that deep-rooted satisfaction that they get when they can check something off, or cross it out because it’s been done. Almost to the point of thinking that you’re somehow superior to others because you’re smashing through your list… well you’re not. You’re just efficient, and probably a bit of a dick.

Whether you’re and OCD task-master, or you’re some hipster millennial who’s got absolutely no concept of what ‘adulting’ actually is, or if you’re somewhere in between, we create lists for various reasons.

I started making lists for my working days, just to try and keep track of all the stuff that I need to address. Or to make it look like I’ve got heaps of work, when the reality is I’m more amazed at the fact that I even managed to get out of bed, let alone drag myself into the office. The list is a constant reminder of HEY! LOOK AT ME! See all these words? They’re all the stuff that you’re being paid to do. Sooo… maybe stop sitting there with a glazed expression contemplating the precise moment you’re life started falling apart, and actually do some adulting!

Recently, I started adding a little message to my daily to-do list, either as a self-reminder, or just something to make me smile. I text them to a few friends, but I thought I’d share them here. Enjoy.

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