Daily Prompt – Mutants and Hybrids

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

Hang on, two parts? Well, isn’t that quite generous! Although the question still remains, what the hell would I pick?

After having recently seen movies like Xmen and The Avengers, the whole genre of ‘superhero’ or ‘mutant’ is very much in at the moment, however, I’d only ever thought about the types of abilities that I would want to have, like invisibility, or telekenesis etc but thinking about being made up of two parts something else is completely different.

Let’s see… I’d love to have the genetic mutation of Mystique (Raven) from X-Men – the ability to change one’s form into any other human being… that would be awesome, and I’d love to have the telekenetic ability of Prof. Charles Xavier (leader of The X-Men).

But I wouldn’t mind having something like super speed, or super strength… or maybe the ability to breathe fire… or the ability to fly.

Do the X-Men even count as part of this? No?? Well why didn’t you say so at the begi… oh. Right. Well in that case… I’d love to have the flight and eyesight precision of a falcon because they are simply amazing animals… and maybe the ferocity of a lion? Maybe? Or is that too cliched? I thought about the slinkiness of a snake, but bearing in mind that I’m part human and part giant bird, that kind of doesn’t really work… maybe something like a shark… then I’d be ferocious both above and below water?!

Hmmm… a Human-cross-Falcon-cross-Shark… Are any of you good at drawing? Sketch me what this would look like… because I certainly can’t picture it.


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