Daily Prompt – Adult Visions

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

When I was a kid I had all different kinds of fucked up images of what adulthood was going to be like… and it’s nothing like I thought.

When I was a kid, you’re always seeing the happy families all over tv with their perfect marriage, 2.3 kids (which I never quite understood… where’s the 0.3 come from??), two cars, two-storey house and best friends with the neghbours. *shakes fist* DAMN YOU AMERICAN TELEVISION!! You lied to me!!

Adult life is a fucking rollercoaster of emotion. I know people who are buying houses in their twenties, and others who are still living with their parents in their thirties. Adulthood is a complete and utter mess, and unless you have parents who are honest with you from a young age, all the bullshit about ‘the perfect family’ is a bunch of crap and you’re being set up for failure.

Okay, so maybe ‘failure’ is a bit too strong of a word to be using. But in my experience, adulthood has been NOTHING like I thought it would be. I’m the child of divorce, I have nothing to do with my father, my mother lives interstate, my brother and I have nothing in common, I’m still renting and living with my gay husband, and working in a soul-destroying dead-end office job, where I’ve been for something stupid like ten years… but why am I still here… because, money.

I’m certainly not in a position to be buying a house, getting married, having kids and playing golf on the weekend because, well, the thought of that is just completely unappealing to me, besides, wearing cable-knit sweater-vests is something that should really just be outlawed.

The thing that really rings the alarm bells though, is that although I’m now 31… I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. People all around me have goals, and plans and careers… I have nothing. I have nothing to show for my adult life so far except for a lot of ‘life experience’… some would easily equate that to failing at life, and sometimes I would tend to agree with them, but then other days I’m glad that I didn’t have a ‘typical’ life experience growing up – each and every differing experience in my life has made me who I am, and I’m happy with being me, and I wouldn’t want to be anybody else. I’m glad that I don’t have the typical house, wife, kids etc ideal because I’d probably be miserable and have an alcohol addiction.


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