Daily Prompt – Ready, Set, Done #5

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Erica stepped back, wiping the blood off her face. She glanced down to see her sister, Janine, gasping for air, as the blood began running down her chest. The knife protruding from her blouse.

‘I told you not to do it, sis. I told you. I warned you, but you didn’t listen. You thought I was kidding, like ‘oh ha ha ha, there goes Erica being funny again!’ WRONG, BITCH!! YOU WERE WARNED!’

Erica took a few more steps backwards towards the dining table, and noted how much blood splatter the was across the kitchen. Small droplets of scarlet littered the laminate kitchen cupboards, whilst small pools formed on the black and white chequered linoleum floor.

As Janine gasped, and struggled to call for help, Erica walked over to the kitchen sink, pumped some liquid soap into her hands and turned on the warm water. ‘You know, I was always jealous of you… all through childhood, I was incredibly jealous. You were the taller, older, blonder sister. You were always the centre of attention, whilst I… well, I didn’t even exist. Even our parents loved you more than they love me.’

Janine gasped and gargled, clearly choking on blood. ‘OH PIPE DOWN! I’M TALKING! As I was saying, I never existed to them. Until I met Chris. He loved me. He told me he loved me. He was the first real boyfriend I ever had. I was happy, do you get that? He made me HAPPY. He made me laugh. He held me when I cried. He told me I was beautiful. I was beginning to think he might be ‘the one’.’ Erica dried her hands on her dress, and turned to look over at Janine, ‘but that wasn’t enough, was it. You couldn’t handle the fact that poor old Erica, the fat disappointment had actually met somebody. You couldn’t handle the fact that I was FINALLY happy. You couldn’t handle that despite years and years of you hating on me, and bullying me, and ignoring me, and making me feel inadequate and ugly, that I had FINALLY found somebody who accepted me for me and made me happy. YOU COULDN’T HELP YOURSELF, COULD YOU!?’

Erica glanced across the kitchen floor, looking at Chris’ bloodied body. ‘You had to interfere. You had to take what was mine. YOU JUST COULDN’T HELP YOURSELF! Well not anymore, bitch, you’re time is up. I loved him, do you understand that, I FUCKING LOVED HIM, AND YOU DESTROYED THAT FOR ME. MY ONE CHANCE FOR HAPPINESS AND YOU JUST HAD TO RUIN THAT FOR ME. NOT ANY MORE. YOUR TIME IS UP. IT’S MY TIME NOW.’




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