Daily Prompt – Breaking The Ice

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in? Tell us how you got involved — or why you don’t get involved.

I’m so sick of hearing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I hope that they start getting freezer burn from too much ice.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to take part in it.

I think that this is one of those social mediate experiments that has simply gone viral, without people actually doing any research whatsoever into why they’re pouring buckets of ice water over themselves.

When the ice challenge, first started getting some traction, I saw a number of videos nominating people to do the ice challenge, ‘to raise much needed funds for cancer research’, which isn’t what the ALS do. It just shows how ignorant and uninformed people are, and that they really don’t care what the information is, regardless of whether or not it’s actually correct – all that matters is that they get their ten-seconds of fame on the internet, looking like a fool.

The premise is that you pour a bucket of ice water over yourself, and then nominate three others to do the same. They then each nominate three others, and so on and so forth. Those that are nominated then have twenty-four hours in which to complete the challenge, or they are expected to donate $100 to the ALS charity.

…but ONLY if they don’t complete the challenge. If they pour water over themselves. Then they have a video of them looking stupid, and the ALS gets no money.

So I ask you all – people of the interwebs, why ALS. What makes it so special? Admittedly, until the ice bucket challenge, I hadn’t actually heard of ALS. Most people I know who have been nominated and taken part in it, can’t actually give me a definitive reason as to why they chose to get involved. Yes, they have all said it’s ‘for charity’ but most of them haven’t actually done any research into the background of the cause and this whole social media movement, other than the fact that it’s for motor-neurone disease.

Due to the large number of celebrities that are also getting involved in this, it’s putting a lot more fuel into this steam-train. which, in-turn, gets more people to get involved. And it shits me to tears.

Recently, there was a guy, an Aussie news presenter, who kinda called everybody out for being part of the ice bucket challenge… he used his platform as a journalist and newsreader to draw attention to all the OTHER charities that are just as deserving. My personal favourite is suggesting that instead of pouring water over your head, you should donate some money to the Save Water Project instead – it’s pure gold.

I’ve recently been sharing different articles about this whole challenge, and articles pointing out that there are other charities and causes that are much more deserving of funds. One recent article said that by having so much attention focused on ALS, and prompting so many people to donate to ALS, they’ll be much less likely to make any future donations to any other charities that really need public donations. And as somebody who was nominated to take part in the ice bucket challenge, I simply refuse to take part in it and I refuse to donate $100 to ALS. They’ve raised almost $100 million in a matter of weeks, and yet there are other charities with causes that are in desperate needs of funds.

Personally, I’d prefer to be donating funds to organisations such as RSPCA, Diabetes research, AIDS research etc. I just wish that everybody who actually did the challenge donated money as well!!


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