Daily Prompt – Fourth Wall

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

I thought about this for a while – it’s hard to pick your favourite movie, when you actually have so many of them.

When I first read the prompt my immediate response was Mean Girls, but I thought that would perhaps seem to… ‘typical’… and really, what would happen? I’d just be frenemies with Regina George, but who needs that when I have more than my fair share of Regina George’s in my life already… and should the day ever come where they read this – you fucking molls know EXACTLY who you are. Go fuck yourselves.

So instead, I thought about something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show… and really, it would probably just end up in a threesome with Rocky, Brad and myself, or joining in the orgy in the pool at the end.

Ultimately I decided on Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion.

I’d end up becoming besties with Heather Mooney, because she’s such a bitch, and we’d both be telling Toby-Dumb-Fuck to fuck off.

But also because I still currently view myself as being the Heather Mooney of my high school… pretty much because I generally hate everybody I went to school with. The only difference I guess is that I don’t smoke and I don’t drive a Volvo.

Although I’d totally sleep with a cowboy with a stutter. hehehe.

But instead of being loners, I’d also be friends with Romy and Michele, and I wouldn’t let Kristy Masters stick magnets on Michele’s back brace. I mean, she couldn’t help it if she had scoliosis.



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