Daily Prompt – Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession? GO!

Hmmm… this is a tough one… there’s so many of them.

I think that it would be a tie between my MacBook Pro and my PS3.

I love my MacBook… it’s the last series of 17″ models that Apple made, so it’s very special to me, and although she’s been with me for a while, I know that at some point she’s going to breakdown and I’m then going to have to replace her – and I don’t want to have to downsize to a 15″ model. No thank you. I’ve put her through so much, she’s had her moments where she’s slogged her guts out processing video encoding or rendering, or large data transfers that have taken hours… and I take her everywhere I travel… unless I’m travelling light, then I take my iPad 🙂

As for my PlayStation, I’ve had that baby for YEARS!! She’s seen more than her fair share of games, and she’s always there to make me feel better when I need a little pick-me-up if I’m feeling a bit down, or if I’m having a shitty day. She sits there in front of the tele, just letting me know that she’s always there for me, and always ready for a session whenever I need it. Lately we’ve been bonding over The Lego Movie Game and Lego: The Hobbit. I feel kinda bad that we haven’t had a proper catch up with Tomb Raider for quite some time… and in a couple of weeks Watch_Dogs is coming out, which is going to mean quite a lot of one-on-one bonding time between us. I’m looking forward to that.



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