Daily Prompt – Mouths Wide Shut

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

I’m actually not that much of a fussy eater… I’ll eat generally most things, but there are a couple of foods that I simply cannot eat…


Seriously, I cannot think of anything more incredibly vile than fucking corn. I just can’t do it. I can’t. We almost never have corn in our house, and so usually I’m faced with this dinner-time foe when eating out at restaurants or other people’s houses. It’s even worse if it’s mixed in with peans and beans… I’ll go to the point where I will pick out every piece of corn (if I’m at home). If I’m at a friends house and they serve corn, I’ll force myself to eat it, like I good guest should, but then I’ll feel nauseous all night long.

However, I can eat pop corn without a problem.



Nope. Just nope. I can’t even…


Then of course there’s all that fucked up food they serve you over in foreign countries like crickets and spiders and duck / chicken embryo etc… basically, anything that moves, they’ll fry it and shove it on a stick you. In fact, I couldn’t decide on which horrifying picture to use, so instead, you can read THIS ENTIRE POST about all different types of fucked up shit there is out there for you to consider putting on your dinner plate.


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