17 Nov – Controversial

What is the most controversial thing you’ve ever written on your blog? What compelled you to write it?


I often find myself holding back from writing my true feelings on here, which is kind of stupid, because the people who actually know me, and know that this is my blog, really shouldn’t be surprised when I choose to voice my opinion.

I’m not expecting everybody to agree with the things that I say – if anything it should be used as an opportunity to create a dialogue, because we all have different opinions about things, and we may not agree with each other all the time, but for me, if somebody chooses to have a difference of opinion, I would like to at least try to understand their point of view.

Having said that, I don’t actually think that I’ve written anything necessarily controversial, although I have noticed that one of my more popular posts was one that I wrote quite some time ago about body image and the beauty industry. You can read it HERE.

I’m not entirely sure what it was that compelled me to write it, I just remember it was a hot night and Hulk had already gone to bed, and I was watching some infomercials about makeup or something, and then over the next few days, I realised that there was an unusual increase in the amount of attention that was being given to beauty, whether it was diet trends or the latest in anti-ageing cream, or a couple of news reports about bullying and body image, and I just thought that with that particular prompt, I was going to use it to voice my opinion, but once I started, I realised that there was more than just one facet of ‘beauty’ because it’s all interconnected and you can’t really talk about one, without discussing all the other aspects and contributing factors… So I did.

I just had a quick skim over it just now when I got the url to link it in the paragraph above, and I still stand by what I wrote. I actually felt quite good about myself when I finished writing it and finally posted it to my blog, because it was something that I actually invested time in, because I wanted to write a decent post, rather than just disregard it and write some shitty small post of only a handful of paragraphs.

It’s something that affects almost all of us, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry as a result, because it thrives from making us feel inadequate, and that’s not right.

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