14 Oct – The Last Minute

What do you always put off to last minute?

Um… Pretty much everything.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do have a tendency to procrastinate about most things and leave them until the last minute, and it’s usually either because I’m lazy or I’m simply too busy – one extreme to the other.

Most commonly it’s house chores. Things like unstacking and stacking the dishwasher; tidying up the lounge room and / or kitchen; etc. Hulk is one of those people who wants everything done right then and there and still, after all these years, he expects me to jump when he says to… Foolish little man. For example, recently I had a day off because of my knee injury, before he left to go to work, he left me with a list of chores, because that’s what you do with somebody who’s injured and shouldn’t be moving… you give them chores, rather than leaving them to just spend the day resting.

So he’s leaving the apartment and he’s like ‘can you BLAH blah blah blah blah’ and I’m already too involved in my LEGO Marvel Superheroes game to really pay any attention, so I just say yes to acknowledge him saying something and go back to focusing on where the hell this next Gold Brick is located.

2 hours later I get the phone call checking up on me to see how I’m feeling, which I’ve realised is actually the phone call to check to see whether I’ve done the dishwasher… Because y’know, the sky’s going to fall if it doesn’t get done.

…it wasn’t done. So naturally, somebody gets huffy… meanwhile, I’m still trying to find these damn Gold Bricks! Dishwasher didn’t actually get done until about 3 hours later, when I was ready to rage-quit and figured I needed a break… surprisingly… in that space, the sky didn’t fall… the world didn’t completely implode. Hmmm… how odd.

Ahhh the joys of being a lazy person, and being in a relationship with somebody who wants everything immediately… fun times, people. Fun times.

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