15 Oct – I’m Late, I’m Late?

Do you usually run late, early, or on-time?


Well I’m a stickler for being on time, however, over the past couple of years I’ve realised that I’ve become one of those people I can’t stand – people who are always late!

Now, look, I get it – things like traffic and transport delays are generally unavoidable, but if that’s the case, even just a simple text to say ‘stuck in traffic – running 20mins late’ is sufficient enough. Simply just being late without an explanation is what really makes me flip out.

Individually, both Hulk and I were always sticklers for being on time to an event, but somehow we’ve become somewhat lax with our time management and have often been found leaving our house at the time we’re supposed to be meeting people.

I think that is also due to the fact that pretty much all of our friends are exactly the same, because THEY DON’T SEEM TO OWN A FUCKING WATCH OR HAVE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN HOW TO TELL THE TIME!! and I think we just got sick of constantly being the first ones there and always waiting for half an hour or more for everybody else to arrive. It’s just rude and disrespectful.

Even if we decide to have people at our place, we usually tell people to turn up about 30-45mins before we actually want them there, because we know they’ll all turn up late.

Ugh… People are hopeless. Why can’t they ever be on time??

If it’s just me, by myself, I’m always early or on time. I’ve had a lot of medical appointments over the past couple of months, and I’ve misjudged public transport – in the sense that it actually ran more efficiently than I expected – and have found myself 30-40-50mins early for appointments – but then I think that’s an extra half hour I could have slept. Although my luck would be that I’d sleep in 5 extra minutes and end up running 20mins LATE instead.

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